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Dan Severn Giving up on Chances of Another Bout with Ken Shamrock

Old foes Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock have both made it clear that they were up for a third bout over the past couple of years

The former seems to have given up all hope on that bout, however.

Severn and Shamrock were close to their trilogy bout at UR Fight 1 in March 2016, which was almost two decades removed from their first encounter at UFC 9. In the final days leading up to the event, Shamrock announced that he would not make the event.

Having first claimed that he was injured, the former UFC and WWE legend admitted that he had been handed a 90-day suspension by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) following a positive test for a steroid and an opioid in conjunction with his Bellator 149 loss to Royce Gracie.

“Am I gonna stick around forever for a turd like [Shamrock]?” Severn recently told “No. My life will move on. I’m older than Ken. I’m the statesman of the sport. So why wait around for him? If he ever gets his head out of his proverbial ass, I might consider a match, but at this point in time, nope. Will I continue to bury him? Oh, you bet.

“But I don’t look at it as burying him. I look it as I’m just burying him with the facts. Don’t say, ‘I couldn’t do the match because I got hurt. I didn’t do the match because I tested positive for steroids. I didn’t do the match because I tested positive for opioids.’ What excuse does he want to [say]?

“I hold him accountable for the fact that he had already given his word. He signed on the line, letter of intent,” Severn said. “It’s all because of him it didn’t happen.

“There are just excuses. He can say whatever he wants. If you want to make a big, bold claim like you’ll fight Royce Gracie one weekend and you’ll fight Dan Severn the following weekend, well, be a man and actually do it. I’m so bold that I would fight the two of them in the same night. I live up to my word, and you heard it here. The Sad part is that I’ll never get either one of those sad sacks.”

Severn also explained why the bout did not happen:

“The reason the fight did not take place is [Shamrock] violated rules,” Severn added. “First off, he said he got injured. Then he tested positive for two different substances. To me, that’s just called stupidity. I don’t know what else to call it. He might’ve still wanted to fight, but if we’re gonna do it in the States, it’s gonna be run by an athletic commission.”

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