Daniel Cormier Urges Matt Brown to Embrace a “Perfect Ending”

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has openly reached out to Matt Brown to suggest that he may have the opportunity to walk away from MMA at the ‘perfect’ time

Brown was on a three-fight skid heading into a bout with Diego Sanchez at UFC Norfolk on Saturday.

Browns thunderous elbow ended that contest in the first round and seemingly provided “The Immortal” with a fantastic ending to his 12-year fighting career. Brown had previously indicated that this fight may be his last, yet so far has refused to confirm his departure from MMA.

“I’ve definitely had more people tell me not to retire than to retire, that’s for sure,” Brown said during the post-fight press conference. “But to be honest, nobody other than me and my family really has any bearing on that and close friends. So I’m not even going to allow anybody else’s opinions to get into my mind like that.”

Daniel Cormier took to Twitter to highlight Brown’s achievement and urge the most prolific knockout artist of all time in the welterweight division to go out on a high note:

“Matt Brown will fight again, it’s a tale as old as time. Guy wants to walk away and then has awesome performance and he stays. Perfect ending Matt, I’d say walk away. You have talked of retirement so it’s too late to stay Brother,” Cormier wrote.