Darren Till Has One Word to Describe Stephen Thompson: ‘Scared’

Darren Till believes there’s a simple explanation as to why he isn’t likely to face Stephen Thompson soon.

The mixed martial arts (MMA) world was buzzing when a report claimed that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said Till vs. Thompson was on for a February 2018 event in Liverpool.

Thompson’s dad and coach pumped the brakes on those claims, saying Till needed to fight more higher-level opposition first. During a recent appearance on Flo Combat‘s “Top Turtle” podcast, Till offered a response:

“Dana wants to make the fight. I want to make the fight, but it seems that ‘Wonderboy’s’ dad doesn’t want to make the fight. For whatever reason [they turned it down]; it doesn’t matter. That’s entirely up to them.”

Till went on to say that Thompson was simply “scared” to fight him.