Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Diego Sanchez: Matt Brown’s Elbow Struck the Back of my Head

Diego Sanchez claims that he is making ‘no excuses’ for his knockout loss to Matt Brown at UFC Norfolk on Saturday night

Sanchez does believe that the decisive blow was to the back of his head, however.

While starting the fight off pretty well by hurting Brown with a kick to the midriff, Sanchez was probably expecting to stick around a little longer than he did on the co-main event of an exciting night of fights in Virginia.

Things did not go according to plan for the one time UFC fan-favorite, who saw a kick caught by Brown who would catch him off balance before landing a thunderous elbow which knocked him out of contention and ended the fight.

Following Sanchez’s loss, there was an urgency for many observers, fighters, and fans for the 35-year old to hang up his gloves and walk away from the sport. Sanchez took to Instagram to address those concerns and made a point of claiming that ‘any man’ would have fallen to the elbow which appears to have landed towards the back of his head:

“Any man that takes a blow to the back of the head with the elbow #nogloveallbone with that force goes down, any man!!! I’m not a excuse maker #livebythesworddiebythesword just saying look at the pic before casting your judgement on me! Although it was unintentional @iamtheimmortal is all class,” Sanchez wrote.

The Jackson-Wink student did stress that he felt the elbow was unintentional and by no means is contesting the result of the fight.

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