TJ Dillashaw Opens up on “That” Garbrandt Training KO Footage

Months upon months of bad blood, verbal exchanges and a fiery reality TV show featuring TJ Dillashaw and arch-rival Cody Garbrandt culminated in a second-round KO for the challenger and re-crowned UFC bantamweight champion 

Prior to their bout at UFC 217 last weekend, Cody Garbrandt released brief footage purporting to show him knocking out former Team Alpha Male training partner Dillashaw.

For Dillashaw, this did nothing but show the “true colors” of Garbrandt and Team Alpha Male (via

“It’s like… that’s practice,” Dillashaw said on the show. “You know what I mean? Like everyone’s got good days, everyone’s got bad days, you know. There’s tons of sparring footage from the six years of me being there with every single fighter there having a good day and a bad day. That’s how you get better. You know, if you don’t have those situations, and you don’t get better from them, you’re not gonna be where I’m at. You know, you gotta take your licks, and you gotta learn from ’em.”

“And you gotta have guys that are gonna push you, you know, that’s why I’m building my own team to bring in world-class athletes,” Dillashaw continued. “Trust me, this last camp too. You know, I had my days where, you know, I’m not putting everything together. You know, that happens and then you go home, and you say like, ‘Alright, I didn’t do this. I didn’t do that. I didn’t do this.’ You write it down in your notebook, and then you freaking fix it the next day, you know?”

“So for those guys to be as immature as they are and release that footage, it just shows even more so what I’ve been saying the whole time, their true colors.”

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