Dustin Poirier Forces Anthony Pettis To Submit After Epic Brawl

Round 1:

Pettis opens up with a side kick to the body that misses but lands a nice leg kick. Poirier presses forward but it’s still Pettis who’s throwing. Poirier misses on a hook and uppercut and also blocks a high-kick from Pettis. A leg kick misses for Poirier and a flying knee just misses from Pettis. Poirier shoots in on a double leg and takes Pettis down. Poirier begins to grind away on Pettis against the cage and is trying to get into better position. It looks like Pettis may be working a guillotine but then transitions into a Kimura attempt. Poirier defends and throws shots to Pettis’ body and head. Pettis lets go of the Kimura attempts and now has Poirier in his full guard.

Poirier now posturing up and throwing ground-and-pound but is shoved away by Pettis before getting swept. The pair stand now and Poirier rips off a knee to Pettis’ body and lands an elbow as well. They separate and Pettis lands a nice right hand. Another right lands for Pettis and a left lands for Poireir. Poirier again inside on a takedown but Pettis defends nicely and has Poirier against the cage. Poirier wobbles Pettis with a nice right hand but Pettis responds with a nice kick to the body.

A left hook lands for Pettis but now Poirier pours on the hooks. Pettis is now ducking and attempting to dodge the onslaught but Poirier continues to blitz onward. Pettis fights back and the crowd goes nuts as the round ends.

Round 2:

Pettis is just missing out on his right hand to open the round and Poirier shoots in early against the cage. Pettis fires off shots but Poirier is able to finish the takedown. Full guard now for Pettis as he nearly locks in a triangle choke but Poirier pours on big elbows to Pettis’ face to avoid that. Pettis gives up his back and is now bloodied bad, it’s affecting his vision. A body triangle is locked up for Poirier and he begins to work for the choke. Pettis spins out into top position and is now in Poirier’s guard. Huge elbows land for Pettis from the top but Poirier responds with some of his own from the bottom. Poirier now gives up his back but Poirier flips him off and takes top position back.

Elbows from the bottom now for Pettis and he tries for a triangle but the blood allows Poirier to slip out easily. An epic scramble breaks out before the pair get back to their feet. Pettis now sweeps Poirier from the back clinch but Poirier sweeps again into top position. The ref calls time out and wants a doctor to look at Pettis’ cut. Pettis’ vision is completely obstructed. The doctor has allowed Pettis to continue and they will resume in the same position. Poirier reigns down elbows and Pettis really wants to lock in the triangle choke. He locks it in deep but Poirer flips position and reigns down heavy ground-and-pound to end the round.

Round 3:

A nice jab lands for Poirier and he shoots in on a takedown again. He gets the takedown but Pettis looks for the Kimura now. Poirier advances to half guard but Pettis is back to his feet now. Pettis tries to spin through but Poirier defends it and has his back. Poirier locks in the body triangle and works for the rear-naked choke. Pettis tries to spin through but something is wrong, he taps out and no reason is given for the tap. Pettis clearly tapped but it was during a transition. Something happened to Pettis’ rip as Poirier established full mount and he was forced to tap out to the pain.

Official Result: Dustin Poirier def. Anthony Pettis via R3 TKO (tapped to strikes, 2:08)

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