Elias Theodorou Decisions Dan Kelly In His Own Backyard

Round 1:

Elias starts the bout off with several shots to Kelly’s legs before tossing up a blocked high-kick. Another leg kick from Elias and Kelly continues to block head-kicks. A kick to the body lands for Elias and Kelly lands a few shots in the clinch before they quickly disengage. Kelly blocks a front kick to the body and Kelly catches Elias as he throws a inside hook. Elias hits Kelly with a kick to the body on his way out. Another hook is caught by Kelly and he lands some decent strikes before Elias breaks free. Another kick to the body lands for Elias. Elias throws a bad jumping attack that allows Kelly to clip him a few times. Kelly eats a kick to the face, however, it didn’t land cleanly.

More leg kicks and blocked high-kicks from Elias. Kelly makes his way inside and tries to land some bombs but Elias picks his shots nicely and is getting the better of the exchanges. Kelly just misses on a 1-2 and has a high-kick graze his cheek. The round comes to an end with the pair circling around each other.

Round 2:

Elias opens the round with more leg kicks and a kick to the body. Another kick to the body lands for Elias and he also lands a nice hook to Kelly’s chin. Kelly initiates a clinch and lands a few nice shots before Elias is able to separate. Kelly continues to try and initiate the clinch but Elias is defending his judo throws well. A nice few elbows land for Elias but he’s tripped in a scramble and Kelly is gripped on his back. Elias is able to get to his feet and separate again. A low blow by Elias temporarily stops the action.

A nice high-kick lands for Elias and he’s able to dodge a few strikes from Kelly and land a nice body kick. Kelly clinches again and lands some nice uppercuts but Elias responds with several head-kicks and strikes of his own. Another clinch up and Elias is able to separate with a kick to the body. Elias overextends on a strike and eats a shot from Kelly, but fires back with a body kick. Another body kick from Elias and Kelly goes for a judo throw but fails to execute it.

Elias glances up at the clock and Kelly just misses on an overhand left. A big high-kick lands for elias and the round comes to an end with Elias landing a body kick and just avoiding a hook from Kelly.

Round 3:

A kick to the body for Elias and he lands another head-kick. Kelly slips but is right back up to his feet. Elias is throwing a ton of leg kicks now and is mixing in high-kicks nicely. Elias is able to land some nice strikes to Kelly’s chin as he stands in front of him and Kelly pushes forward for a takedown against the cage. Kelly locks in a rear-naked choke with an awkward body lock. The arm is under Kelly’s chin and Elias does an excellent job of breaking free and establishing side control on Kelly against the cage. Elias now has his arms wrapped around Kelly against the cage and lands a nice knee to his skull. They disengage and Elias continues to throw kicks.

Elias is simply having his way with Kelly in the standup department as Kelly is unable to get into any sort of rhythm. A high-kick lands for Elias and Kelly is able to land a nice jab. Kelly again clinches up but Elias is able to separate yet again. The bout ends with Kelly coming forward with a hook and eating a high-kick to end it.

Official Result: Elias Theodorou def. Dan Kelly via unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)