Thursday, September 29, 2022

Emil Meek Takes Shots at Tyron Woodley & Colby Covington

Emil Meek has ripped into both UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and the champ’s own rival Colby Covington

Meek is scheduled to take on Kamaru Usman at UFC 219 next month but is unsure if he will make the bout due to extensive visa issues.

The Norwegian welterweight appeared on Monday’s episode of the MMA Hour, explaining his woes with his application for clearance into the United States while reserving some time to lash out at both Woodley and Covington:

“I want to fight everybody in the top 15 except Tyron Woodley,” Meek told host Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour. “He’s going to kick you in the leg five times for five minutes, and just keep running away and throw that f*cking overhand. He’s going to kill the fight. No matter who he’s going to fight, he’s going to kill the fight.

“I’m there to fight,” Meek said. “For myself. People say they fight for the audience and everything, but I fight for myself. I want to be in the Octagon and I want to fight. I think that’s the fun part about it. I don’t want to play games. I want to fight.”

As for the UFC’s self-styled bad boy Colby Covington, Meek claimed that his antics would not go down well in Norway:

“If he pulled any of that racist stuff in Norway, he would be done,” Meek said of Covington. “He would be forever out.

“I think maybe the only funny thing Colby said was he told himself that he was handsome.”

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