Sunday, August 14, 2022

Exclusive Interview With Author Mark Tullius

Few people have the courage to step into a cage against another trained athlete who wants to rip their head off. Even less have the ability to write numerous books. Author and former MMA fighter Mark Tullius is one of the rare people who was able to do both.

After fighting in MMA numerous times with not a lot of success Mark Tullius kept getting the same question. Why? Why go through all of this? Why put your body in such physical danger when truth be told, you don’t have to. That question was one Mark asked not only himself, but hundreds of fighters across the country.

Mark took to the road and started gathering interviews for his book, ” Unlocking The Cage”. I had the opportunity to speak to Mark about the book, what he found to be the most interesting similarities in fighters along the way, and what data he unexpectedly collected throughout the process.

Make sure to stick with for the latest on Mark, his book, and all of his future endeavors with the data he collected on his journey.


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