Thursday, August 18, 2022

Exclusive Interview With LFA Welterweight Jaleel Willis

Finding someone who will speak to you openly the good in their life is easy. Finding someone who will openly talk about their bad days is a little more difficult. Those words are especially true when speaking to MMA fighters.

That’s why Welterweight up and comer Jaleel Willis is such a breathe of fresh air. While remaining supremely confident, he has no problem telling you about some bad days in camp. Not needing to fake perfection to exude confidence.

Jaleel headlines LFA 28 on December 8th when he fights Evan Cutts in the Main Event LIVE on AXS TV. Before the fight I spoke with Jaleel about the ups and downs of camp, why he thinks he is the next big thing at Welterweight, and what his opponent can expect when they meet in just a matter of weeks.

Stick with for the latest on LFA 28, what Jaleel has coming up in the future, and everything else MMA!

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