Fabricio Werdum Gets Past Marcin Tybura After Five Tough Rounds

Round 1:

Werdum has a high-kick blocked and just misses a right hand. A big high-kick from Werdum is blocked and Tybura just misses on a front kick to the leg. A big kick to the body lands for Werdum and he follows it up with a big uppercut. Werdum jump forward and lands a nice knee in the clinch before being shoved away. A nice jab lands for Tybura and Werdum responds with a body kick. A big left hook lands for Werdum before he gets down on a takedown attempt. Tybura defends it well but now Werdum has the back clinch. Tybura bucks Werdum off and then takes Werdum’s back with the clinch. The round comes to an end with a late Kumura attempt from Werdum.

Round 2:

Werdum comes in on a hard right hand and gets a nice kick to the body. Werdum misses on a flying knee and stumbles backwards. Another big kick to the body from Werdum and A big high-kick lands for Tybura. Werdum fakes a takedown attempt and Tybura lands another big high-kick. A high-kick from Werdum now and Tybura evades a clinch attempt from Werdum. A big spinning back kick misses for Werdum and he comes in on a clinch attempt again. Werdum now begins landing some big shots on Tybura against the cage but time expires before he can capitalize.

Round 3:

A flying knee from Werdum lands and he follows it up with a nice head-kick. A head-kick lands for Tybura and he just misses a big right hand. A nice uppercut lands for Tybura and he’s simply trying to avoid clinch work with Werdum.  nice jab lands for Werdum and he misses a spinning backfist. A brilliant combination from Werdum now and now the Brazilian is closing in with knees and elbows against the cage. Werdum now works a takedown against the cage and abandons it. The round comes to an end.

Round 4:

A nice jab pops off for Werdum and  he lands a hard right afterwards. Werdum catches a leg from Tybura and goes for a takedown, he now is leaning against Tybura on the cage. A knee to the body lands for Werdum against the cage and the pair disengage. A nice trip for Werdum and now he’s in Tybura’s half guard. Some nice ground-and-pound from Werdum as he tries to get the mount. Side control for Werdum now but Tybura shoots up to his feet. A takedown from Tybura now and Werdum locks in a guillotine as it happens. Tybura is saved by the bell as the round comes to an end.

Round 5:

A big head-kick lands for Tybura that rocks Werdum for a split second. Werdum throws a leg kick and a right hand but eats another high-kick. Tybura is landing some nice shots here now but both men begin to slow down the volume in which they’re striking. A nice knee lands for Werdum that sends Tybura walking backwards a bit but he seems to recover nicely. Werdum now with some nice strikes as he finishes up a combo with a head-kick. As the seconds tick down they start throwing some big shots but the horn calls it off.

Official Result: Fabricio Werdum def. Marcin Tybura via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)