Game of Thrones Star: “I Would Have Crushed Conor McGregor”

Hafthor Bjornsson believes he would have “crushed” UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor during their well documented “sparring” session if he chose to

The man known as “The Mountain” due to his incredible size recently spoke to RT Sport and described the spar as a “joke”, stressing that things would have been pretty grim for the 155-pound McGregor if he approached things in a more serious fashion:

“I had to hold myself back because I have too much power for a man his size,” Bjornsson said matter of factly. “If I would push all my power into him, I would crush him. Crush him.”

Bjornsson has landed a spot in the top three of ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ competition every year since 2012. Standing at a monumental 6’9 and weighing over 400lbs, there would not be many brave enough to argue against him. Especially not to his face…

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