Sunday, August 14, 2022

Gegard Mousasi on Rory MacDonald: ‘He Shouldn’t Talk, He’s an Idiot’

Gegard Mousasi had the following to say on Rory MacDonald (via

“Rory MacDonald can get it himself. Let him win his fight and then let him talk. He shouldn’t talk, he’s an idiot. He looks like a mass murderer. He should shut his mouth.”

The beef with Mousasi and MacDonald stems from a recent comment on “The Dreamcatcher’s” last bout. MacDonald believes Alexander Shlemenko was robbed of a decision win in his bout against Mousasi.

Mousasi said he was disappointed with MacDonald’s comments.

“He’s a weird guy. Let him talk. Let him win his fights. He has his own bad performances, so he shouldn’t talk about me. He’s a Canadian, I thought Canadians were more polite with that. He looks weird. Let him change his face before he talks.”

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