Georges St-Pierre: MMA has Changed, it is More Like WWF

Recently crowned UFC middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre believes that the sport he has returned to following a four-year absence has radically changed

St-Pierre dethroned Michael Bisping in front of a packed audience at the iconic Madison Square Garden at UFC 217.

Many believed that the Canadian legend would fail to hit the mark following his absence from MMA, yet he proved his detractors wrong and has reignited the debate of who is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. St-Pierre certainly fits the bill but is still adjusting to the changes he perceives the sport has undergone:

“The sport has changed. Now it’s more WWF,” GSP said during an appearance at the New York Stock Exchange. “It’s crazy. It wasn’t like that when I left off four years ago. Now it’s crazy — also, I was fighting a guy who likes to trash talk, which is different. It was just a different environment.

“The fans are crazy. Everybody is more into it. It was fun though, I was enjoying the process.”

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