Jake Mathews Takes Split Decision Win Over Bojan Velickovic

Round 1:

Mathews immediately comes in hard on a takedown against the cage and Bojan defends by throwing strikes and elbows to the head. Mathews locks up a leg and simultaneously defends his head from Bojan’s strikes. Bojan continues to hit Mathews’ head as he works for the takedown but it’s being defended well. Mathews finally gets the takedown and looks to take the back, but Bojan is able to get to his feet. Mathews still has the back clinch and transitions into a takedown from the front now.

Bojan sprawls now but Mathews gets back to his feet and is again working the takedown against the cage. Mathews is finally able to get the takedown and is in Bjan’s half guard. Mathews lets some ground-and-pound go as he tries to advance position. A big upkick lands for Bojan and he’s able to get to his feet, but Mathews sticks to him with the back clinch as the round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Bojan opens the round as the aggressor and Mathews lands a nice right hand. Bojan lands a switch knee and Mathews goes in on the takedown. Bojan catches him in a deep guillotine but Mathews is able to get out. Bojan now has Mathews’ back and he begins to work for the choke. Bojan is still working for the choke as he mixes in some ground-and-pound but Mathews is able to defend nicely thus far. Bojan loses his position and now Mathews is up on his feet and working a takedown. As they clinch Bojan throws some knees before they separate. A high-kick is blocked from Bojan and Mathews comes inside with a nice right hand. A big left hand lands for Mathews and the round comes to an end.

Round 3:

Mathews lands a nice hook to come inside and gets a beautiful takedown. After a scramble Bojan gets Mathews’ back again and is working from the position. Some ground-and-pound lands for Bojan and Mathews is able to buck him off and land in Bojan’s full guard. Mathews rips off as much ground-and-pound as he can but Bojan is working to stand now, as he traps one of Mathews arms to threaten a Kimura. Mathews now has Bojan’s back and is trying to lock in the body triangle.The round comes to an end with Bojan locking up dominant position after a scramble.

Official Result: Jake Mathews def. Bojan Velickovic via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)