James Vick ‘Wishes’ for More of Donald Cerrone’s Attitude in the UFC

When Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone agreed to fight the lesser known Darren Till at UFC Gdansk last month, it got James Vick thinking

Why can’t more fighters follow Cerrone’s lead and give opportunities to the up and comers of the UFC?

Vick, coming fresh off a knockout victory against Ireland’s Joseph Duffy at UFC 217 just over a week ago, believes that opportunities to prove himself against bigger names are few and far between. Citing UFC interim-lightweight title contender as the antithesis to Cerrone in this regard, the 30-year-old wants to see more fighters adopt the attitude of “Cowboy” in the promotion:

“Somebody gave [every top fighter] a chance, so [they] need to give somebody a chance,” Vick told BJ Penn Radio. “You know, these guys need to give somebody a chance and it sucks because you don’t have all these people like Donald Cerrone fighting anybody, anywhere, anytime. He gave Darren Till opportunity and Darren Till was able to capitalize.”

Kevin Lee and these guys ain’t like that,” Vick continued. “They aren’t taking fights anywhere, anytime, with anybody. They’re trying to hold out for more money, and that’s a cool business strategy, but at the end of the day, you gotta give people chances because you were given a chance.”

Vick believes he is ready to compete at the highest level and is targeting fighters towards the top of the lightweight tree, such as interim champion Tony Ferguson and the highly-touted Justin Gaethje:

“I know that I’m ready, my skillset is at an all-time high. I’m the tallest guy in the division, I’m one of the most well-rounded guys in the whole UFC. Honest to God, with all my heart believe I could beat Tony Ferguson’s ass right now, no problem. I could whip Justin Gaethje’s ass right now if I fought these guys. They were given opportunities, and they made the best of them. You know, I’m not hating on these guys, there’s a big enough pie, I just want my f**king piece.”

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