Jessica Rose-Clark Earns Split Decision Nod In UFC Debut Over Bec Rawlings

Round 1:

Clark lands a few nice shots but Rawlings is pressing forward. Rawlings catches a kick and Clark has her in her full guard. Rawlings throws down some elbows but Clark holds her close to prevent anymore. Clark then sweeps and now she is in top position inside Rawlings’ full guard. Rawlings tries to scramble for an armbar but Clark is out of it. from side control Clark tries to get the mount but ends up in full guard and decides to stand up. Rawlings presses forward and just misses a superman punch. A left hook lands for Clark and she also lands a nice head-kick afterwards. A big overhand right lands for Clark and Rawlings fires back with a lead hook.

Clark blocks some shots and lands a nice uppercut, however, Rawlings remains the aggressor and presses forward. Another overhand right lands for Clark and she just misses on a follow up. The round comes to an end with Clark landing some very nice shots inside.

Round 2:

Rawlings resumes her position as the aggressor as she backs Clark towards the cage. Clark lands a nice right hand and continues to circle. A nice straight left hands for Clark and Rawlings lands a left hook before pressing Clark against the cage. Clark lets off a knee to Rawlings’ body and then takes dominant position against the cage. Another nice knee to Rawlings’ body but that allows her to regain dominant position. More knees from Clark and they separate. A nice lead hook for Clark lands and she follows it up with a leg kick and knee to the body.

A big right hand lands for Clark and she hits two big knees to the body before taking Rawlings down and going for the head and arm choke. Clark then looks to take Rawlings’ back as she works for the choke. Clark establishes mount and lets down some big elbows. More elbows from Clark as the round expires.

Round 3:

Both women come out swinging to open the round and Clark begins to rip off leg kicks. Rawlings lands a nice right hand and Clark just misses on one of her own. Rawlings eats a big overhand right and Clark fires off a few more hard shots. A leg kick from Clark and Rawlings is able to land a hard right hand. Now the women are exchanging big shots and Clark lands a nice kick to Rawlings’ body. Another really big right hand lands for Rawlings and she’s able to land another one that rocks Clark.

Clark now presses Rawlings against the cage but she loses dominant position quickly. Rawlings gets a takedown but Clark is sitting against the cage. Clark is able to stand and press Rawlings against the cage, deliver some knees to her thighs, and take her down. The fight comes to an end with Clark dropping some heavy elbows down.

Official Result: Jessica Rose-Clark def. Bec Rawlings via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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