Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Jimmy Smith Explains the Confusion Around Conor McGregor’s Cage Entrance

Bellator commentator Jimmy Smith has explained why there was confusion surrounding Charlie Ward’s “stoppage” of Paul Redmond at Bellator 187 last night 

Ward had dropped Redmond towards the end of the first round and hailed follow up shots before referee Marc Goddard intervened.

While Ward was celebrating, McGregor jumped the cage and joined in much to the surprise of practically everyone watching. Goodard pushed McGregor away which led to intense scenes which included the UFC lightweight champion going for the referee.

According to Smith, there was initial confusion over the nature of the result as Goddard was unsure if the bell had sounded to signify the end of the round prior to the stoppage:

Ward, in an interview after the fight, backed up this claim:

“I hit him a left hook and then hit him another two or three on the ground, and then the ref jumped in and stopped it,” said Ward. “What I seen – because I hit him when he was on the ground – he was well out. And then the ref started saying that it wasn’t over, but they went back in to check the time, and it was over(via SevereMMA).”

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