Friday, August 19, 2022

‘The Worst Refereeing I’ve Seen in 20yrs’ John Kavanagh Incredulous Following Bizarre Decision

SBG Ireland prospect Will Fleury took part in a South African MMA reality TV show modeled on the UFC‘s The Ultimate Fighter

Fleury was one of ten undefeated fighters battling it out in the tournament simply branded ‘The Fighter’, which aimed to crown a champion from the select group from around the world.

While Fleury won his first fight, his second bout saw the Irish fighter receive 15 illegal blows before a shocking decision was made which left many completely puzzled. Rather than Fleury’s opponent being slapped with a DQ, the fight was judged to be a No Contest.

Fleury then took to his official Instagram page to express his utter disbelief at the decision:

“This is how my time on TF1 ended. 15 elbows, 11 directly to the back of the head, 3 to the spine with the other elbow after the referee tries to stop him. I had been dominating this fight up to this point and was keen to continue (I have the full fight footage proving this). I was told I couldn’t. The fight was declared a no contest rather than a DQ as I was “moving my head”. I was then booted out of the tournament because I was “concussed” (never did any tests to prove this and I was winning challenges in the house 16 hours after this happened) I was the best fighter in that house by a considerable distance and would have smashed any of the other 10 contenders if given the chance. I proved it in every training session and every legal moment in any of my fights. I’ve been denied the chance to earn a decent contract and get my title shot. I’m Will Fleury. I win shit these fucks have disturbed the natural order and I will restore it.”

Fleury’s coach, John Kavanagh, was equally as angered by how the fight went down and went as far as to claim that the referee should be banned from the sport altogether:

“This is the worst refereeing I’ve seen in 20yrs. He should not be allowed to watch MMA never mind work in a cage,” he wrote.

You can view the footage of the bout below:

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