Jon Jones to Covington: ‘It was Great Getting to Know Your Mom When we Stayed Together’

Colby Covington‘s mouth has earned him some enemies over the past weeks, one notable target being former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones

Covington launched a foul-mouthed and offensive tirade against Jones earlier this week, claiming that “Bones” had bad personal hygiene while they lived together and even went as far as to recommend the 30-year-old to resort to ‘doing coke and prostitutes’.

“Chaos” was sent home early from Sydney, Australia following an altercation with heavyweight Fabricio Werdum after the welterweight pressed charges against the Brazilian former champ. Jones immediately took the side of Werdum and praised him for standing up to Covington’s ‘racism’:

It didn’t take Covington long to respond:

Jones was happy to hit back with a series of tweets which addressed recent comments made against him by Covington:

Jones’ most highbrow tweet was perhaps that which included Covington’s mother, however:

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