Jon Jones is Happy Seeing Fabricio Werdum’s Encounter With Colby Covington

Jon Jones has sent some praise Fabricio Werdum’s way.

Yesterday (Nov. 15), Colby Covington released a clip of him confronting Werdum. He claimed the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title holder punched him in the face. Since then, more footage has surfaced and it reveals Werdum throwing a boomerang at Covington.

You can see that below:

Covington has been getting under the skin of many, but his post-fight interview at UFC Fight Night 119 drew the line for many. The welterweight said Brazil was a dump filled with filthy animals. One has to think those words played a role in yesterday’s incident.

The trash talk doesn’t stop there. Covington recently said Jones, who was once his roommate, is a “piece of sh*t dirtbag.” Jones was more than thrilled with how Werdum handled the confrontation with “Chaos:”

“I despise racism, good job today Fabricio Werdum dude had the audacity to call you a “fa*got” as he’s backing up on Facebook live.”

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