Max Holloway Wants to Prove He’s The Best Featherweight by Beating Jose Aldo Again

Max Holloway is hoping to be recognized as the greatest featherweight of all time.

He’ll be off to quite a start if he can defeat Jose Aldo back-to-back. Aldo is considered by many to be the best 145-pounder to ever compete in mixed martial arts. Before his knockout loss to Conor McGregor, Aldo looked unstoppable as featherweight champion.

While Aldo was able to recapture the gold, Holloway took it from him with a TKO win back in June. With Frankie Edgar injured, Aldo will get another chance to overcome the onslaught of “Blessed” at UFC 218 on Dec. 2.

Speaking to, Holloway said the rematch will do nothing but good for his own legacy:

“Our first fight, I don’t know what people are watching, but some say I was losing until I dropped him in the third. Those must be some hardcore Aldo fans. But he’s been one of the best guys for years, so to show I’m the best in back-to-back fights, sign me up.”