Phil Davis Isn’t Taking Opponent Lightly Going Into Bellator 186

Not many have heard of Leonardo Leite, but Phil Davis won’t dismiss his abilities.

Leite ran the middleweight table over at Legacy Fighting Championship. He was the reigning 185-pound title holder. He hasn’t competed since Nov. 2015.

While Leite has his first taste of a major promotion tomorrow night (Nov. 3), his 7-0 record is nothing to sneeze at. His opponent, Davis told that he’ll be on his toes at Bellator 186:

“He’s a high-level athlete and he has a lot of tricks. Judo is very tricky and it’s very uncommon. When Ronda Rousey was on top of her game and she was doing things to people, people thought, ‘Oh wow! I didn’t know you could just throw people like that. We haven’t seen that.’ So there’s a skill set there that you don’t see very often. We did a little special preparation just for those judo throws and a lot of things that he brings to the game.”

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