Saturday, November 27, 2021

Quinton Jackson Dislikes The Possibility of Fighting Chael Sonnen

Quinton Jackson isn’t exactly enthusiastic about the possibility of facing Chael Sonnen.

Yesterday (Nov. 13), Bellator announced a heavyweight tournament set to take place next year. “Rampage” is one of the eight participants as well as Sonnen. This doesn’t bode well for Jackson, who has shown a disdain for fighting wrestlers.

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Jackson said he already took on a wrestler and doesn’t want to open the tournament having to go through that again:

“I told my manager that I’m not looking forward to fight Chael Sonnen. I just fought a leg-humping wrestler. Why would I want to fight another fighter who is strictly known for wrestling?”

He then said it would be wise of Bellator to match him up with a fellow striker in the opening round of the tournament.

“Why would Bellator want to me against another wrestler right off the bat? Honestly, I would say that wouldn’t be a match-up I’d be looking forward to, and I would be upset coming into the Bellator contract fresh off the bat and them giving me a wrestler to be honest. Who wants to see me fight another wrestler, why wouldn’t a promoter have a guy like me who loves to stand and bang and have exciting fights, why would a promoter constantly want to keep putting me with wrestlers?”

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