Rose Namajunas Always Plans on ‘Punch, Takedown, Choke’ to Win

Rose Namajunas has a certain plan she likes to follow.

In a similar routine that was made famous by Brock Lesnar, Namajunas followed part of her plan in becoming the UFC strawweight champion by finishing Joanna Jedrzejczyk Saturday night.

“A lot of girls were so desperate to take her down. My game plan is always to punch them in the face, take them down and choke them out,” she said. My coaches always having my back. Me having my back. She’s a master at Jedi mind control. I went through my mantras. I kept telling myself to stay calm.”

As for how she plans on promoting herself, “Thug Rose” said “I learned how to be a champion when she first stepped in the scene, but this week I learned how to not be a champion. I want to bring back the honor in martial arts. I want to show there’s a different way.”

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