Friday, August 12, 2022

Sonnen: Michael Bisping is an Exception to the ‘Wimp’ Fighters & Fans of MMA

Bellator‘s Chael Sonnen has taken aim at those criticizing if Michael Bisping was right to have fought twice in three weeks at UFC Shanghai

As the former UFC contender puts it, Bisping’s ‘stock went up’ when he stepped in for the suspended Anderson Silva last week.

“The Count” got brutally knocked out by Gastelum three weeks removed from his submission loss to current middleweight king Georges St-Pierre at UFC 217. Many questioned if the promotion were right to clear Bisping to fight due to the potentially dangerous repercussions involved with a lack of preparation and recovery.

Sonnen blasted fighters and observers alike, claiming that they have forgotten the roots of the sport:

“I loved it,” Sonnen told of Bisping’s willingness to accept the short-notice fight. “I thought it was great, Bisping’s stock for me went up [despite his loss]. Bisping’s one of the few tough guys in this sport, everybody’s got a big mouth, but very few guys sign contracts. We’re seeing this right now with their biggest star, and all the other guys that that don’t want to fight one another. Given an opportunity in a sport that you’re not entitled to do, that you’re blessed to do… You said that you wanted to do it, then you can’t get guys to step in there. They’re a bunch of freaking cowards and Bisping is one exception, where he actually will step in and fight whenever he’s asked to.”

“He had a backlash from people,” Sonnen continued. “What a bunch of crybabies, man. The only bad thing that this sport has is that we only get to fight a few times a year. Again, back when this started, tournaments, it was multiple guys in one night. Some of my best memories, I was fighting two guys in one night and I missed the big wave. I missed the eight-man tournaments. When I came along it was only four-man tournaments. I got to fight a couple of guys in one night, but I grew up taking on four or five and six guys every single Saturday.”

“Not only are the fighters a bunch of wimps, now the fans are turning into wimps and saying that three weeks apart, for a grown man, that used to be world champion, who can answer for himself, and he says he wants to do it? What a bunch of babies.”

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