Stephen Thompson Takes Home Decision Win Over Jorge Masvidal

Round 1:

Masvidal with front leg side kicks to open the round. A head-kick from Thompson is blocked and Masvidal responds with a leg kick. Side kick to the body lands for Thompson and he follows it up with one to the face as well. Thompson comes inside but just misses on a combination. Masvidal lands a leg kick but Thompson responds with a head-kick that just lands. Thompson keeps Masvidal at bay with a side kick to the body and catches him with a right hook as well.

Side kick to Masvidal’s chest makes him fall down and he seems to be getting frustrated. Masvidal’s frustration is now opening up more holes for Thompson to pick apart. A left hand lands for Thompson and he follows it up with another. The round ends with Thompson landing a nice uppercut.

Round 2:

Masvidal misses a high-kick but comes in and misses a takedown on Thompson. Thompson comes back inside and fires off a nice combo on Masvidal, who then gets knocked down by a right hand. Masvidal isn’t able to touch Thompson with his shots, and Wonderboy now lands some nice hooks and ends his combo with a side kick to the body. A big left hook lands for Thompson and he lands a nice straight left right after. A lead left hook lands for Thompson but he seems to take it well, this forces Thompson to turn up the volume a bit and his movement speed increases. The round comes to an end with a left hook landing for Thompson.

Round 3:

Masvidal comes in on a takedown but Thompson stuffs it. A left hook just misses for Masvidal and he eats a couple of straights from Thompson. A right hand lands for Thompson and he misses a spinning attack. Masvidal desperately wants to get the fight to the ground but is unable to land a takedown. A fire fight breaks out and teh pair begin to exchange big shots. The round comes to an end with a striking war breaking out between Thompson and Masvidal.

Official Result: Stephen Thompson def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

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