Stephen Thompson’s Coach: Darren Till Needs to Fight His Way up

Stephen Thompson‘s coach and father doesn’t sound too interested in his son fighting Darren Till.

Late last night (Nov. 7), a report was released claiming that Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White confirmed a bout between Thompson and Till. If the bout comes to fruition, it’ll take place on Feb. 24 in England.

Speaking to, Ray Thompson said he doesn’t feel Till deserves a high-profile bout yet:

“These fighters kill themselves with aspirations of being a bonafide, legit champion and work to get up to the level to do that. ‘Wonderboy’ is one of those guys. If rankings don’t matter anymore then get rid of the title belts and match the fights for the fans and the money, but pay them some real money. That being said, Till needs to fight his way up just like ‘Wonderboy’ did. When he takes out the Jake Ellenbergers, Johny Hendricks’, Robert Whittakers, Rory MacDonalds and so on, we can talk about fighting.”

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