Tuesday, August 16, 2022

UFC Fight Night 120: Matt Brown Explains Decision to Retire

Matt Brown has decided that it is the right time to hang up the gloves.

Brown will face Diego Sanchez this Saturday night at UFC Fight Night 120, and “The Immortal” plans to end his fighting career after the contest.

For Brown, the decision boils down to not wanting to become a “gate-keeper.”

“The No. 1 thing is whether I have the motivation to have another championship run,” he said. “I got really close with Lawler. I don’t want to be a journeyman. I don’t want to be just fighting for money and fighting to fight. In my mind, it’s about do I have the hunger to get back to the top?”

With 18 finishes among his 20 career wins, Brown would like nothing more than going out with a bang. His last victory came in 2015 over Tim Means.

“I don’t have any specific ways I want the fight to go,” Brown said. “I can go in there and accept anything that happens. I’m going to defeat him in any way I can. I don’t worry about what happens. He needs to worry about what happens.”

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