Friday, August 19, 2022

Victory FC Preview: Exclusive Interview With Ryan Stoddard

At 29 years old most adults are just starting to figure out their place in the world. Establishing themselves in their career and maybe considering starting a family. That’s what an average person might do. Ryan Stoddard is not an average person.

When Ryan purchased Victory FC, he did so not really knowing what he was getting himself into. Last month Ryan sold Victory FC to the always growing Alliance MMA, but will stay on as GM.

Victory FC puts on their first show since the sale later this month. Before that happens I spoke with the former CEO about how things have changed since the sale, why he thought now was the best time, and his thoughts about the rising talent across the Midwest.

Make sure to stay with for all the latest happenings at Victory FC and all other news for MMA across the Midwest.

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