Warlley Alves: I Will Beat up Colby Covington for Brazil Remarks

Colby Covington‘s negative comments about Brazil caught the attention of Warlley Alves and gave him an idea for how the UFC may punish him

Alves believes the most suitable punishment the UFC can hand down to “Chaos” is to book a fight between the two.

Covington’s only loss in MMA came at the hands of Alves, who submitted him inside just 90 seconds at UFC 194 in 2015. Following the American’s labeling of Brazilians as “filthy animals”, Alves would relish the opportunity to do it all over again:

“He will pay for what he said,” Alves told MMA Fighting. “I heard that the UFC will punish him. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I have a suggestion to make. Do you want really punish him, UFC? Make him fight me again, and you’ll see what a real punishment is.

“A man can cross a line, and I don’t approve what he said,” Alves said. “I have an enormous admiration for the United States. In fact, I wish Brazil was similar to the United States in some laws they have. I admire the American laws and President Trump. When a man disrespects someone else’s nation, it can’t go unpunished.

“It’s our country, our nation. I love our anthem, our flag. I’m the type of guy that would give my life for my ideals and for my country, and this a**hole comes and says the things he said? In his apology, he apologizes to the animals for comparing them to Brazilians?

“I just hope the UFC books this fight. I know he won’t respond to me because he knows I’m too much for him. He will run from this. I beat him once and I’ll beat him again anywhere in the world.”

Covington has rapidly risen through the welterweight ranks since his loss to Alves on the undercard of Conor McGregor‘s famous win over Alves’ compatriot Jose Aldo. “Slingshot” is 1-2 since that night but is certain that he can bring Covington down a notch or two:

“I will beat him up. I want to beat him up,” Alves said. “He will try to take me down, I will stop his takedowns and punch him in the face. My hands will be raised in the end. I’ll have the Brazilian flag with me, and he will realize he can’t say what he said about Brazil.”

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