Werdum on Throwing Boomerang at Covington: It Never Came Back to me

Fabricio Werdum is maintaining a light-hearted attitude to Wednesday’s incident with outspoken UFC welterweight Colby Covington

The former UFC heavyweight champion was involved in an altercation with “Chaos” just days ahead of his UFC Sydney showdown.

Covington has claimed that Werdum struck him with a punch and according to reports, is set to press charges against the Brazilian. Werdum, however, told Submission Radio that he did nothing but throw a boomerang, a gift from a fan, towards the controversial Covington and was somewhat surprised when the iconic Australian symbol did not ‘come back’ to him:

“No, [nothing interesting happened yesterday],” Werdum said. “I have a good breakfast. That’s it you know. I don’t like the guy. He said bad things. Colby [Covington] seen me in the lobby. I never see him before. He said, ‘Brazilian animals.’ I say, what? I slap his phone and he drop his phone. He kick me in my leg. Good kick, but I block his kick. After that, that’s it. I had a fan give me a boomerang. I just throw it, that’s it. The boomerang is from here. I thought if I drop the boomerang, it’d come back to me, but no.”

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