Sunday, August 14, 2022

Ben Askren Blasts Dana White: He’s an Insecure Scumbag

Ben Askren still isn’t fond of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White.

Askren has been considered to be the best welterweight to never sign with the UFC for years. Throughout his career, Askren has reign as Bellator‘s and ONE Championship’s welterweight kingpin. “Funky” recently retired, but has said he’d make a return if he was given a chance to prove he’s the best 170-pounder in the world.

That obviously means a spot on the UFC roster. Despite Askren’s success, White has never shown interest in signing the undefeated fighter. During a recent appearance on Submission Radio, Askren dug into White (via LowKickMMA):

“Dana White’s a scumbag, I don’t take anything he says with any value. Because he’s very, very insecure and he abhors anyone who won’t cater to his every whim.”

He went on to talk about the issues that have prevented him from going to the UFC.

“Yeah, I think it’s pretty on par for the course and I think it goes to further the statement that I made earlier that Dana White really can’t stand anyone who won’t cater to his every whim. And Tyron’s a very strong, very smart individual and he doesn’t cave in every time Dana puts a little bit of pressure on him, and so I think that’s why there’s definitely some issues in their working relationship at times.”

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