Friday, August 12, 2022

Bob Arum: ‘Who Gives a Sh*t About Dana White? He’s a Piece of Crap’

Boxing promoter Bob Arum is never one to mince words, especially when he’s talking about Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White.

It’s no secret that Arum and White have traded verbal shots over the years. Arum has shown in the past that he isn’t a fan of mixed martial arts. Things only got more heated Conor McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, took on Floyd Mayweather in a “Money Fight.”

Arum is back at it again, blasting White in a video from Fight Hype (via

“Who gives a shit about White, he’s a piece of crap. It’s an acknowledgment how strong boxing is. He has the UFC that’s cratering, and he needs boxing to save himself.”

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