Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Brian Ortega Chokes Out Cub Swanson With Amazing Guillotine

Round 1:

A leg kick lands for Swanson and Ortega responds right away with one of his own. More leg kicks from Swanson and Ortega blocks a few shots from Swanson to the head. A nice combination lands for Ortega and Swanson returns fire, however, his shots are blocked. A nice jab lands for Ortega and Swanson throws a leg kick. More leg kicks from Swanson and Ortega misses out on some huge swings. Swanson presses forward with big offense but nothing lands. A front kick to the body from Ortega backs Swanson up. Some big hooks land for Swanson and he eats a 1-2 combo from Ortega in response. Swanson now with some nice body shots. A leg kick and some hooks land for Swanson, Ortega clinches up and lands some knees. Ortega hooks a standing choke and its deep. Swanson is saved by the bell.

Round 2:

A body kick from Ortega just misses and Ortega lands a nice lead hook. A right hand lands for Swanson and Ortega has a head kick that is just blocked. A front kick to the body is blocked by Ortega and Cub is now landing some nice shots to Ortega’s face. Ortega takes a bit more punishment and ow presses Swanson against the cage looking for a takedown. A big knee to the body lands for Ortega but Swanson returns fire with an uppercut and shot the the liver. Ortega now locks in a standing guillotine and but Swanson remains standing. It’s deep and Swanson has no choice but to tap on his feet – Ortega releases the hold and the pair collapse to the canvas.

Official Result: Brian Ortega def. Cub Swanson via R2 submission (guillotine, 3:22)

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