Friday, June 24, 2022

Carla Esparza Edges Out Cynthia Calvillo With Decision

Round 1:

Esparza lands a nice right hand in an exchange and Calvillo lands one of her own. A leg kick for Esparza now and Calvillo gets a takedown. Calvillo is fighting to advance but Esparza is defending well. Some elbows land for Calvillo from the top and Esparza works for an armbar. Calvillo is able to stand up and shake the armbar loose. Side control for Calvillo now and she rips off a big knee to Esparza’s body. More elbows land for Calvillo before Esparza is able to walk the fence and flip, only for Calvillo to end up right back in side control. Calvillo gets mount and rips off a big flurry of ground-and-pound, spins for a rear-naked choke, but Esparza beautifully spins out of it.

Round 2:

A leg kick lands for Esparza and Calvillo catches her with a huge right hand. Another leg kick lands for Esparza and she follows up with a right hand. Calvillo goes for a takedown and Esparza defends it. Calvillo separates with a nice combination. Calvillo comes forward with some hard strikes and stuffs a takedown from Esparza. A big right hand lands for Esparza and then both men begin landing some of their own. Esparza goes in on a beautiful takedown and is unable to keep Calvillo down as she shoots back up. Calvillo initiates a clinch but eats a knee and is backed off. The round comes to an end with a failed takedown attempt from Esparza.

Round 3:

Calvillo comes in on a takedown and presses Esparza against the cage. A leg kick from Esparza lands again and she continues to faint. A nice lead left lands for Calvillo and she follows it up with a nice combination. Esparza locks up Calvillo’s neck but can’t hang on, however, she catches her on a left hook on the way out. A nice combination lands for Esparza and she gets a takedown, but Calvillo gets right back up. The round comes to an end with a huge exchange from both women.

Official Result: Carla Esparza def. Cynthia Calvillo via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

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