Monday, August 15, 2022

Colby Covington: Tyron Woodley Wanted to Fight a Lightweight

Colby Covington won’t stop his verbal assault on Tyron Woodley.

Covington is currently the third ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight. He’s coming off a unanimous decision victory over two-time title challenger Demian Maia. “Chaos” has won five straight bouts.

Covington and welterweight champion Woodley used to be training partners, but that relationship soured once “Chaos” began his run as a trash talker. During a recent live stream, Covington went on his latest tirade of “The Chosen One” (via Bloody Elbow):

“Tyron Woodley wanted to fight December 30th, but he wanted to fight a lightweight – Nate Diaz. I’m ready. They offered him the fight but he’s getting cold feet now. He doesn’t wanna fight ‘Chaos’ Colby Covington. Tyron’s ducking me, man. He’s scared. He felt my pressure, he felt what I did to him in the gym. I took his soul.”

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