Tuesday, August 16, 2022

“Mystic Mayweather”? Conor McGregor Won’t Like What Was Found at Mayweather’s Gym

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor proudly displayed a mural of himself connecting a punch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. prior to their money-spinning bout in the summer

“The Notorious” insisted that the painting which adorned the back wall of his Dublin training base ahead of the fight was for visualization purposes. McGregor has long championed the ability to favorably predict the future by adopting positive thoughts and surrounding himself with visual aids, for example, such as the one in the photo below:

MMAjunkie’s Chamatkar Sandhu tweeted a photo of a punching bag with a painted image of McGregor’s face on it, seemingly discarded and waiting to be disposed of:

“While at the Mayweather Boxing Club this punching bag with Conor McGregor’s face was just laying there amongst old, used equipment, most likely waiting to be thrown out,” he wrote.

It appears that “Mystic Mac” may have not just lost the fight against the 40-year-old living legend inside the ropes. The image of McGregor’s left eye suggests that Mayweather may have instructed the painter to add a little something for his own purposes to visualize how he wanted the fight to go.

When we compare that photo to an image of the damage sustained by McGregor in the fight, (hair aside) it looks uncannily similar…

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