Sunday, August 7, 2022

Cub Swanson Admits He’s Impressed by Max Holloway

Cub Swanson won’t deny the abilities of Max Holloway.

Holloway earned a third-round TKO victory in a rematch against Jose Aldo to retain his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight title. Swanson has gone head-to-head with both men and he knows how tough Aldo is.

Speaking to, Swanson said Holloway deserves credit for finishing Aldo in back-to-back bouts:

“I thought it was a great performance. I’ve always known (Holloway) as being tough and just having good cardio, but I’ll say I really underestimated how smart of a fighter he is. He went in there and just played with Aldo’s ego. I think that Aldo looked better than he has in the past, but he still had that one weakness, and Holloway just kind of poked at him, poked at him, poked him. Then when (Aldo) got frustrated he gassed himself out when he (went) for the kill. He took him out in the same round both fights, like clockwork. I’ve got to give him points for that.”

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