Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Eddie Alvarez Hands Justin Gaethje First Career Loss With Knockout

Round 1:

Justin opens up right away with leg kicks and Alvarez responds with some of his own. Overhand right lands for Justin, and he lands yet another leg kick. A nice right hand for Justin and he gets one more. Alvarez fires back with some nice strikes of his own but Justin’s pressure is relentless. A nice hook lands for Alvarez and he catches a kick from Justin, but fails to get the fight to the ground. A stiff jab from Alvarez and he follows up with a straight right hand.

Alvarez lands some nice shots to the body and Justin is now having issues with range. A stiff right hand lands for Justin and now Alvarez is coming forward. A nice combination lands for Justin and Alvarez tries to keep him at bay with a front kick. Nice shots to the body from Alvarez before he transitions to head shots. Justin is bleeding from his eyebrow as he eats a series of shots to the chin. Another leg kick from Justin and the round comes to an end with a weird summersault from Alvarez.

Round 2:

Alvarez opens up with leg kicks of his own and Justin just ducks a big hook. Nice jabs are landing from Justin now and he follows up with a leg kick. A big hook lands for Justin and he responds with a nice lead hook. Nice uppercuts in the clinch land for Justin but Alvarez is landing the cleaner shots. Alvarez lands a couple of nice jabs to the chin before attacking the body some more. A nice knee to the body for Justin but Alvarez connects on a series of shots to the chin.

More shot to the body from Alvarez but Justin stands strong. A leg kick from Justin and he keeps pushing through a big flurry from Alvarez. A nice combination to the body from Alvarez and the round comes to an end with a flying knee from Justin.

Round 3:

More leg kicks from Justin to start the round, Alvarez changed his stance because the legs are hurting. A head kick lands for Justin and now he’s coming forward. Alvarez tries to take the fight to the ground but is unsuccessful. Another leg kick takes Alvarez’s legs out from under him. Some uppercuts from Alvarez in the clinch, but Justin is firing off some huge uppercuts too. Justin eats a big knee and he falls to the ground. The ref waves it off and that’s it.

Official Result: Eddie Alvarez def. Justin Gaethje via R3 KO (knee, 3:59)

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