Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Eryk Anders Walks Through Exhausted Markus Perez For Decision Win

Round 1:

Perez throws a high kick to start things off, but it’s blocked. A leg kick from Perez is blocked and Anders just misses a jab. Anders presses Perez against the cage but the pair separate after some failed takedown attempts. Another high kick misses from Perez and he eats a big strike from Anders before he against shoots in on Perez against the cage. The pair exchange knees to the body and Perez is able to get dominant position against the cage. Perez drops down for a takedown and gets it. Perez locks in an Anaconda choke but is unable to hang on to it.

He gets to his feet and just misses on a spinning elbow. Anders backs Perez up with pressure but isn’t able to land anything of significance. A big strike lands for Perez as he begins to attempt to play too much with Anders. He may be too tired and is attempting to mask it with taunting. Anders presses Perez against the cage again but Perez begins to run in circles as the round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Anders comes forward with hard offense and lands some stiff shots on Perez against the cage. Perez comes forward with a rolling kick attempt that misses and fails on a takedown attempt. A nice uppercut lands for Anders and Perez continues to move around the cage in his own awkward style. A big left hand shot plants Perez but he gets back up as he eats a kick to the body. A big knee lands for Anders to Perez’s face and just misses on a big left hand.

A spinning elbow lands for Perez and he’s able to dodge a barrage of huge shots from Anders. Perez continues to eat big shots as he tries to turn away. A body kick from Perez knocks him off balance and Anders comes to the ground for ground-and-pound. Some elbows land for Anders on top but Perez manages to get back to his feet. The round comes to an end with a Kimura attempt from Perez.

Round 3:

The pair embrace to start the round off and Anders starts the round off with a few hooks that get Perez down to the mat. After eating some knees to teh body Perez gets to his feet. Perez is clearly worn out and eats a barrage of shots from Anders against the cage. Perez tries to lock in a guillotine but it fails and he’s taken down. Anders lays on Perez for a good while and throws some light ground-and-pound to rack up points. The round comes to an end with Perez rolling away from Anders on the mat.

Official Result: Eryk Anders def. Markus Perez via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 29-28)

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