Friday, August 19, 2022

Francis Ngannou Says His Dream Opponent is Brock Lesnar

Francis Ngannou has revealed his dream opponent and it’s a doozy.

This past Saturday night (Dec. 2), Ngannou made waves by finishing Alistair Overeem with a thunderous left hand. The shot sent Overeem off his feet and it took him a while to regain consciousness. “The Predator” didn’t even need two minutes to finish the job.

While Ngannou has his sights set on a heavyweight title showdown with Stipe Miocic, that isn’t stopping him from doing some fantasy booking. During a recent appearance on Flo Combat‘s “Top Turtle” podcast, Ngannou named Brock Lesnar as his dream opponent:

“My dream? I would like to see a match between me and Brock Lesnar. You know, two big dudes. I like that match-up. I’m excited for that kind of match-up… I want to see that match. He’s big and huge, but he’s not stronger than me.”

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