Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Joseph Benavidez on Torn ACL Recovery: ‘I Would Cry All The Time’

During a recent appearance on MMA Junkie Radio, Joseph Benavidez opened up on his rough recovery from a torn ACL:

“It was miserable, of course. And I know Megan wouldn’t be doing anything else, but she was in there helping me shower, you know. I cried every day. On my couch, like – it was just terrible to have something taken away from you like that.”

Benavidez went further with the details on just how bad the recovery process was.

“I would cry all the time, and Megan would go down and sleep with me on the couch because I couldn’t go up the stairs. And I’d have to wake her up because I was just crying. Just breaking down and just kind of – I don’t know. It was just a long road. And then the pain and everything as well. There were times when I was crying naked with my dog on my lap.”

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