Monday, October 3, 2022

LFA 28 Results: Steven Peterson Ground-and-Pounds Dustin Winter

Steven Peterson was simply too much for Dustin Winter.

Peterson ducked under a hook and fired off a body kick early. Winter secured a takedown, but Winter locked in a guillotine. Winter popped his head out. He was now in full guard, but Peterson went for an arm bar.

Again, Winter escaped danger. Peterson again locked up an arm barbut Winter escaped again. Quickly, Winter took his opponent’s back. Peterson recersed and wound up on top. The round ended with Peterson in side control.

Right away Peterson scored a takedown in the second stanza. He rained down some strikes in side control. A series of elbows later, the fight was stopped.

Final Result: Steven Peterson def. Dustin Winter via TKO (strikes) – R2, 2:38

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