Friday, August 19, 2022

Luke Rockhold on Michael Bisping’s Quick Turnaround: That’s F*cking Ridiculous

Luke Rockhold doesn’t agree with Michael Bisping being allowed to fight twice in one month.

Bisping lost his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight title to Georges St-Pierre on Nov. 4 via submission. Just three weeks later, “The Count” was back at it. He was knocked out in the opening frame by Kelvin Gastelum.

During a recent appearance on‘s “The MMA Hour,” Rockhold threw in his two cents on the situation:

“I think that’s f*cking ridiculous for Bisping to come back after getting knocked out two weeks before. Just because it’s in China, where there’s no commission, to allow that. I mean, New York would never allow that in the States. I mean, for his family, his friends, his team whoever the f*ck is in his corner. It’s sad. It’s said that he has that type of people around him that allow him to do something like that.”

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