Thursday, August 11, 2022

Luke Rockhold Says UFC Owners Should Invest in Fighters, Not Dana White

Luke Rockhold is challenging WME-IMG to invest in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, not the promotion’s President.

Rockhold recently appeared on “The MMA Hour.” In addition to ripping Georges St-Pierre and accusing him of faking his illness, Rockhold also talked about the current state of the UFC. He isn’t a fan of where things are going.

The former UFC middleweight title holder gave a suggestion (via

“I don’t know. Invest in the fighters. No offense, but your investment isn’t Dana White, Dana White is not selling pay-per-views. Dana White’s ‘Looking for a Fight.’ You have Dana White’s Contender Series. Invest in the fighters and you will solve your problems. You will hit your marks, sell your pay-per-views and do your thing. Get it straight.”

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