Friday, August 12, 2022

Lyoto Machida: ‘I Don’t Think About Retirement Yet’

Lyoto Machida isn’t thinking about retiring just yet.

After serving a lengthy suspension, “The Dragon” returned to action against Derek Brunson back in September. He was knocked out in the first round. Machida hasn’t earned a victory since Dec. 2014.

Speaking with, Machida explained why he isn’t done with the sport of mixed martial arts:

“I don’t think about retirement yet. I want to continue fighting. I want to be champion in this division. I dedicate most of my time to this goal. I believe that I will think about stopping when I don’t feel challenged anymore.”

Outside of competition, Machida hopes to help upcoming fighters.

“In the meantime, I will continue working on developing my gym in Los Angeles, Machida Academy. We teach the karate methodology, bringing back the history of the martial art, the attacks that stopped being used when the martial art became a sport, and that my brother and I use in the cage. We’re also finding a way to share with the Brazilian people the philosophy that I’ve learned through the years in the sport.”

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