Sunday, August 14, 2022

Max Holloway Batters Jose Aldo To Retain Featherweight Title

Round 1:

Holloway attempts to establish his jab early while Jose faints. Aldo unloads a nice combo that ends with a leg kick. Another leg kick from Aldo and Holloway just misses on a body shot. A lead hook lands for Holloway and they clinch up for a brief moment before they separate. A nice 1-2 from Aldo and Holloway misses on a few right hands. The round comes to an end with an uppercut from Aldo.

Round 2:

A leg kick from Aldo and he lands a nice combination after it. A nice combination from Holloway but Aldo fires back with a leg kick. Holloway misses a front kick and Aldo is ripping off more leg kicks. Aldo nearly throws Holloway to the ground but he’s right back up. A spinning back kick lands for Holloway and now the pair exchange big strikes in the pocket. A nice jab from Holloway and he lands a flying knee to end the round.

Round 3:

Aldo lands a nice inside elbow and follows up with a jab. Aldo gets a nice jab of his own and starts unloading while Holloway taunts. Holloway has Aldo against the cage now but the Brazilian continues to fire back. A head kick from Holloway just misses and he lands a few nice hooks from the inside. Holloway now begins tagging Aldo with a good few shots but Aldo is landing some nice ones of his own. Holloway presses Aldo against the cage and rips off shots to the body.

Some beautiful striking from Holloway now and Aldo is fading. A knee from Holloway and Aldo is simply trying to survive with wild strikes. Aldo is covering up now tries to take the fight to the ground, but Holloway mounts Aldo and rips off ground-and-pound. Holloway beats the Brazilian down until the referee calls it off.

Official Result: Max Holloway def. Jose Aldo via R3 TKO (punches, 4:51)

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