Friday, August 19, 2022

Max Holloway Delivers Passionate Plea to Bring the UFC to Hawaii

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has issued a passionate statement supporting the push for the promotion’s first event in Hawaii

According to Honolulu’s Star Advertiser the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) engaged in talks with the UFC regarding a potential date in the 50th State.

State Sen. Glenn Wakai has been attempting to persuade the UFC into arranging an event in Hawaii. Wakai confirmed that the promotion assured him that there would be scope to arrange a card providing Holloway ‘continued his winning streak uninjured’. Holloway’s successful first defense of his title against Jose Aldo at UFC 218, it seems, has added further weight to Wakai’s proposal.

There has been no information released on the outcome of talks between the UFC and the HTA at the time of writing, yet it appears Holloway is ready to put his weight behind a bid to attract the promotion to his homeland:

“The Hawaii Tourism Authority is concerned UFC Hawaii might attract problems outside the Octagon. Fair play to them. They’re trying to protect our home,” Holloway wrote to his official Twitter account. “But let’s let them know MMA is about respect and Hawaii fans will make sure of that. Fights stay in octagon. Fighters and fans from out of town, we’re gonna’ welcome you with open arms. We’re gonna cheer against each other, but when it’s over we’re gonna’ show you around and share our cultures. Just like Brazil did w us. Let’s tell the HTA mahalo and let them know what UFC Hawaii means to us.”

The HTA appear reluctant to support the UFC’s first event in Hawaii, and Senator Wakai believes that their apprehension is misguided:

“[HTA Board Chairman] Rick Fried and [HTA Chief Operating Officer] Randy Baldemor said it attracts undesirables to Hawaii. I told them that in Vegas the UFC fan spends more and stays longer than an average Vegas tourist. I didn’t see any statistics showing an increase in assaults or ‘hooligan’ behavior.”

Max Holloway is without question one of the best fighters in the UFC right now and will be hoping that his star power is enough to convince the reluctant HTA.

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