Monday, August 8, 2022

Quote: Some MMA Fans Are Some of The Worst Human Beings Alive

An Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight is not happy with some keyboard warriors.

This past Saturday night (Dec. 16), Oluwale Bamgbose took on Alessio Di Chirico. Bamgbose was knocked out in the second round from a knee. Many fans questioned the strategy of Bamgbose, who had been mostly inactive before being blasted.

Bamgbose has had enough and he went on Twitter to vent his frustration:

“Some MMA fans are some of the worst human beings alive and I would rather die than compete for their entertainment. I want to compete at my best for respectful and loyal fans. Who are true to martial arts. Not scumbag fans who enjoy our pain but boo strategy. You forget we get paid SH*T.”

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